Brunei Folk Story: Jong Batu, tale of the Unfilial Son and its Bruneian, Malaysian and Indonesian version. Found a short animation 2 minute video on the story. Link:

12 April 2018, I showed the “Jong Batu” video to the rest of the interns, along with some photos on the internet on the evidence of the story. (search: Jong Batu, for Brunei. Malin Kundang, for Indonesia)

Reviews from other interns

-With this short video, you can see how the mother is important and what are the consequences of the bad treatment. Islam gives a big importance about the mother so do not be ashamed about her and just be proud of her.

-Concerning this video, I think it was a well ending due to the bad behavior of the son and his wife. The mother takes an important part in the life of each one that s why we can t push her or just ignore her because she took care of her children all her  life

-It was interesting, a value, cannot disrespect your mother. Because she educates. But the mother shouldn’t have done that. It was really well learnt.

-Would prefer to see the difference version from different countries

-The video was Informative and animation was good.

-Its interesting. It could be real referring to the pictures showed.


Brunei’s events in 2017: Golden Jubilee.

Brunei is under the ruling of a Sultan. October 2017 marked His Majesty's 50th year anniversary on throne

I founded online a video of the whole-day event which was 5 hours long, and I cut it to 20 minutes long. The video showed how Bruneians celebrates an event in the Malay culture. In the video also, viewers get to see the infrastructure of Brunei. Link:

17/18 April 2018 I showed the cut video to other interns

Reviews from other interns:

“I like the way they dressed. It’s very colorful”

“It’s really interesting to know Brunei, and get to see how it looks like”

“It’s amazing that such country existed and not many know about it”

“The Sultan is very close and well-loved by his people”

“I don’t know where Brunei is, but this is interesting to know”

Brunei’s events in 2017: RIPAS Bridge

The Ministry of Development reached a success to begin the construction of the bridge on June 2013 as part of the 10th National Development Plan, which took about three years to finish.

On the 14th October, the bridge was finally inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony as part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of His Majesty the Sultan, which included fireworks display as well as procession of decorated floats.

I founded online a video of the whole-day event which was 2 hours long, and I cut it to 12 minutes long.


24/25 April 2018 I showed the cut video to other interns

Reviews from other interns:

“it’s sad that it is not every day, because it’s really beautiful with the lights and is also good to see the Sultan wear casual attire than formal one”

“I love it, it’s beautiful. I like what the Sultan is wearing”

“very pretty and colorful”