frequently asked questions



Q: What programs do you have?

A: We have the Seoul Internship program, JLNE Japanese Language program, the Korea-Japan internship program, the K-POP School Program, the K-POP Training Camp and the ACOPIA Star Project program. For more information please click on the drop-down menu ‘Programs’.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age for the K-POP Training Camp?

A: The K-POP Training Camp is open to any one above the age of 14. However,  if you are younger than 18 years old you need to have parental consent to be able to join the program.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age for the internship program?

A: Yes, the minimum age for the internship program is 18 and the maximum age is 28.

Q: Do you provide any help for males to find a place to stay during the internship?

A: Yes, but an additional fee of 300 USD is required.

Q: Is the internship paid?

A: No, the internship is unpaid

Q: What are the working times for the internship?

A: The working times are 4 days a week, from 10:00 am to 18:00PM with one-hour lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00 PM. Upon arrival you can choose what day you would like to be off.

Q: Is the minimum of three months internship always required?

A: For internships from September to February the minimum of three months is required. The rest of the year if you choose to do a shorter internship, an additional fee for the share house is required.

Q: How are the days off arranged?

A:Upon arrival, you can discuss your preferred day off with the manager.

Q: How long will the program last?

A: The program duration depends on the program and also on how long your planning to stay. Please find more information on our programs page.

Q: What does the program include?

A: The programs have many different aspects, please find more information on the individual pages of our programs.

Q: Do I need special qualifications to work for ACOPIA?

A: As an intern at ACOPIA the following qualifications are expected:

·         High school or university student (undergraduate or graduate);

·         Age 18 - 28

·         Proficient in English (ability to speak Korean and/or Japanese is an advantage as they are languages used in the office)

·         Knowledgeable in researching and using Microsoft Office

·         Knowledgeable in video editing, marketing/advertising, web design and/or digital communication

·         Cafe and Entertainment Management

·         Able to work with minimal supervision

·         Has a positive working attitude and is able to relate well with people from different cultures

Q: Are the programs from the Asia Hope Camp Organization officially registered?

A: Yes, The Asia Hope Camp Organization and its programs are officially registered on the Seoul Metropolitan Government.