About tristan



My name is Tristan Coue. I am from France. student in International Business School specializing in Asia. As a part of my studies, i did a 3 months internship in Seoul at Acopia from 1 of March to 1 of June. My affilation during this intership was Broadcasting Team.

I used to live in Busan and Seoul in the past and my goal in the future is to create my own company im Korea. With this internship i would like to improve my Marketing and Korean skills.

During the first month of my internship i promoted Acopia on different social media. I also used to work on the website of Acopia. It was really interesting because it was my first time to work on internet like that.

During the second month i had the great opportunity to help for the Audition support day. I filmed the daily routine of an Kpop trainee and it was really interesting. Then we edit the video and put it on Youtube.

During the Last month i moved into an other team to manage Acopia’s Youtube chanel. My mission was really to focus on filming and editing. It was really funny to do and to follow the evolution of the chanel.

Acopia Star subscribers : 300 to 3500 !

Acopia Star views : 2500 to 312 000 !

Our team was nice because everyone knew what he have to do and we work more like a family than a co-worker.

It was a really good experience in Seoul because i had the opportunity to meet new people and see a new face of South Korea.