{About me}

Hi, I’m Tabitha and I’m currently a media, communication & advertising student undergoing my degree in the UK. From a young age I was exposed to culture from a number of countries in Asia and was fortunate enough to travel to numerous countries throughout childhood. Upon spending time with a Korean exchange student when I was 13, I quickly became fascinated with South Korea and had a desire to learn more about the culture and people.

I visited Seoul in 2018 and became enamoured with the country. There was so much vibrancy and development. I am interested in the advertising campaigns created by global Korean based companies, and the techniques used in Korea within the creative and media industries. This has solidified my desire to gain valuable work experience in Korea.

I also have a strong desire to have an immersive experience of Korean culture, and in the future would look to be in South Korea long-term with the aim of continuing positive cultural exchange between South Korea and my own home countries. Through this internship experience I would hope to refine and build upon my existing strengths and skills related to the creative and advertising industries, while having valuable interactions with people from Korea and other cultures.