Hey People! I’m Sylvie and 22 years old. I’m currently in my first year of Master degree in Management and International Trade specialized on asian culture at the University of the Havre Normandie. To validate my first year I need to do a 3 months internship in South Korea. I always has been interested to work at an NGO so I applied to Acopia to get some experience on that field of work.

I’ve been working as an intern for 2 months now and what i can say about the program is that the work environment is really friendly. We get along well between interns and the japanese staff so it’s easier to ask questions in case you don’t understand something. On the other hand you need to be able to create your own activity and events. If you’re someone who like to be given directive on your work and getting feedbacks this may not be for you. I’m in charge of promoting K-Pop Camp in Twitter and Youtube so when it take place we need to be attentive to the trainees and be on tile with the schedule; i’ll say that that the most stressful time of the internship otherwise it’s pretty good.

We also get the chance thanks to Mr Cho to visit Busan for a weekend and do some cultural activities. We also did go to the DMZ which was interesting to see.