My name is Sylvain and I’ve been working as an intern for Acopia for one month. That two-month internship is part of my last year of my master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and Foreign Affairs. As my aim is to work in Korea I have been really glad to work in such a great workplace.  The environment is quite pleasant: being part of an international team has been an excellent way to practice English and even Korean. It is always a pleasure to work with the Japanese staff and other interns as they are so friendly.

First of all, I have been in charge of translating the English version of ACOPIA into French language. I am also working on another project with another intern that consists in promoting ACOPIA and its activities.  I believe that doing an internship at ACOPIA is a unique opportunity. Each intern can lead individual or common projects which is not something that is always offered during internships. Therefore, you can make decisions and contribute consequently to ACOPIA’s activity. I am looking forward to discovering the next challenges that lie ahead for me.