About Stella

Hey hey hey! My name is Stella Belle Acquah and I am a fourth year communication student from the Netherlands. As part of my last year at my university, I had to do an internship in a foreign country and I chose South Korea. I searched quite some time for a non-teaching related internship and then I came across the opportunity to work for ACOPIA.

At ACOPIA I worked with people from different backgrounds and nationalities to promote cultural exchange between Asia and other parts of the world. I did so through organizing my own event, through social media and content management and finally through having English conversations with the locals.

The main activity that I full filled during my internship was restructuring the website of ACOPIA. Together with my colleague we changed the lay-out of the website by putting the navigation bar on the top and making the the information more concise.

After the internship

Interning at ACOPIA was a very interesting experience. I had the pleasure of working with people from America, Australia, France, Korea and Japan. Sometimes it was challenging to try to communicate with my colleagues because of cultural differences, but we always found a way to make it work by being understanding and patient. During my internship I learned a lot about Korean culture through excursions and learned a lot about the entertainment industry through helping with the audition support program of ACOPIA. I cherish the knowledge I was able to gain through this internship, the friendships I established and most of all the cultural experience I gained.

Original activities:

  • Promotional activities such as creating events, social media and content management

  • Organizing a Dutch event

  • Restructuring the website