Annyeonghaseyo! I am Sophia Wong from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. I was an intern in Acopia for one month. I chose an internship with Acopia in order to get a first hand exposure of working in an NGO which had a meaningful vision and mission of facilitating multicultural exchange. 


my work in acopia

Working in Acopia is definitely a worthwhile experience. Besides working for the vision of bridging different cultures and people together, Acopia has also given me an avenue to hone skills in multitasking, website and social media management, promotion and advertising. Work in Acopia can range from all sorts of activities. For example, I translated Acopia Friend and Acopia Star websites from Japanese to English while translating English to Chinese for Acopia World website. After that, I arranged the Acopia's Google Drive, most specifically the Media Folder. I made posters for Acopia Internship, Kpop Camp and Cafe, sent out emails to university professors for Acopia Cafe and posted in job posting sites for Acopia Internship, posted in Facebook groups and Twitter fan pages for Acopia Kpop Camp. I also did a little bit of social media management by replying to Facebook messages and inquiries in the comments section. On top of that, I also did some post templates, photography and videography. 

working experience in acopia 


Acopia is a multicultural workplace. It is an opportunity for you to discover different cultures from people around the world. Besides working with people from France, China, Germany, Japan, Spain and the United States of America, I also got the chance to know more about Korea from the locals that visit Acopia Cafe. There is even more chance for this kind of multicultural exchange during intern's events and Kpop Camp. On top that, Acopia also offers many work benefits such as Korean language classes that I really enjoyed and learned from. Lee Sunsengnim was kind and patient even if I was really bad in speaking Korean. Other benefits are exposure trips to Busan, DMZ and office lunch, snacks and dinner. Furthermore, Acopia has understanding and hands on staffs who will guide you throughout your internship. Despite some challenges in work, I was always reassured that my superior, Ms. Michèle, would be there to guide us throughout the way. 


takeaway from acopia

Overall, my internship in Acopia was very worthwhile. I got to experience working and sharing the same vision for an NGO. I got to develop efficient work skills that I will get to use in the future. I got to work, live and exchange ideas with people from across the world. And, I got to travel and expose myself to Korean culture. I couldn't have had so much growth in a month without Acopia. With that, I thank Acopia from the bottom of my heart for this worthwhile experience.