My intentional activity is to make Acopia more visible on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. These last two months I've spend my time on copywriting, creating flyers to promote our Kpop camps. I've promoted the camp in my home country (Belgium)by looking for kpopfanbases there and contacted them. I've contacted the Korean Culture club to have a partnership with. 

Another thing I'm working on was the Discovery series, a short introduction of our interns countries with fun facts. I introduced a country every week on social media to gain more attention for Acopia, so people will know that we are a international company. This is a unique selling point because it proves that the company is multiculteral.

In order to make the company stand out on social media, I've created some posts. I also did copywriting on the websites and the social media pages to make the content more attractive.

The pictures below are some of the things I've created during this internship to promote the programs.