My name is Nma-Nancy Ayuk and I am Nigerian-American. I am currently in my fourth year as an Asian Studies major at Georgia State University. My major focuses on international politics, economics, and language. I have studied both Korean and Japanese.  I decided to intern at Acopia because I wanted international work experience with an NGO. My goal is to attend graduate school for International Development and I believed Acopia was a good experience to add to my CV. 


Two months have passed since I began my internship at Acopia and I have learned so much about working at an NGO. I have learned how to manage my time, create and complete projects, and how to interact and work well in a multinational environment. At Acopia, I have had the opportunity to participate in various cultural activities sponsored by the NGO and I have had the opportunity in creating my own original projects and helping my coworkers complete their own. 


Currently, I am assisting a fellow intern create an international themed dinner focused on cultural awareness and the promotion of Acopia' s activities across Asia. While assisting her, I have gained experience in event planning, marketing and promotion. At Acopia, we also have the opportunity to interact with local Koreans and other non-English speaking locals and help them improve their English skills. I have spoken with and tutored many individuals and this particular aspect of my work at Acopia is very rewarding for me. I enjoy personally helping people and providing a service to people. 


Working at Acopia has taught me many things but the most important thing I learned here is that servicing people can be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do in your life.