My name is Nathalie Albert. I'm 20 years old. I'm french and I'm living near Paris. For my studies I moved out to Quimper in Brittany. My school is EMBA (school of Managment in Atlantic Brittany). My majors are Business and korean language. When I was a first year, I had to choose between korean, japanese and chinese. I picked up korean because I like the culture, the scenery and I really like the prununciation of the language. I find the internship in Acopia thanks to a website, Kopra. I wanted to do this internship because I saw it was a NGO and, later, I want to work in the humanitary sector. So I though It was a good opportunity.

In a month, many things happened in ACOPIA. I still don't know what is ACOPIA exactly but I know what I'm doing there. Since my first day, I tried to find some partners in France, translated the Acopia-world website in french, took care of customers (free talking...), cooked french food for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and helped for Kpop Camp. I found my personal project too.

My co-workers are really kind. And that's really interesting that we are all from different countries. We can share our different cultures and experiences. 

If you are interested in ACOPIA, then come ! It's still a good experience !