Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Hi, I am Naz from Malaysia. The internship is a requirement for my International Masters in Regional Integration course. Like the name suggests, I am studying the integration of countries like European Union and ASEAN. That is why I chose ACOPIA as my internship placement. Even if it is in a smaller scale, ACOPIA’s core purpose on international relation between South Korea and Japan is also a form of integration. As such, I believe that ACOPIA would provide me with the relevant knowledge and experience for my future.

Multicultural Meetup

At first, I was involved in local multicultural activity such as meetup, with its planning and promotion. In it, I have made new friends from Korea, France, Belgium, and Taiwan. I even discovered their different cultures and surprisingly similar ones as well. We had a few drinks together while discussing about language and culture. Some of the interns also prepared their unique foods for the party. We also had a great time playing party games like UNO and Jenga.

1-on-1 Language Class

For the first few weeks, I had to teach English to the Korean. My first student was Taesung. He was a financial manager seeking to improve his English. The lesson was mutually benefiting. I also had the chance to learn about financial terms from his experience and also the business culture of Koreans. My second and last student, Cho Hannah, a book editor who had experience living in America. Although my time with her was not that long, we managed to exchange language and culture.

K-pop Camp


I also had the chance to witness the K-pop camp which involved not only Korean, but also Japanese, and one Canadian. Of course, it was not as glamourous as the well-established K-pop artists, but it is interesting to see the potential artists trying out for their dream.

Partnership with Malaysian NGO

At the end of the term, my task is getting international; forming partnership with NGO in Malaysia. To represent ACOPIA is a big task, I have to properly present myself as a credible representative to gain their trust and commitment. Together with my Team Malaysia, I find it assuring in working together towards the same goal. In the end, I managed to strike a deal with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, Malaysia. Their program is quite interesting and affordable. Also, I did re-establish partnership with the previous partner, TRACC. During the negotiation, we had several Skype meetings which is a valuable professional experience for me. I hope future Team Malaysia will be able to continue on with our hard fought partnership in the coming years.

Workplace Environment

In the office, ACOPIA truly lives up to its name with its multinational workforce. I have friends and co-workers from Korea of course, Japan, Philippines, France and Morocco. The atmosphere gives me a chance to learn about other culture and language. At the same time, to share my culture to everyone as well. The office/café is a wonderful environment to work in with good facilities like coffee maker, cooler, and comfortable seating.

K-pop Dance Class

I did not enrol in the class, but I had an exclusive preview of it. The instructor was very competent and the interns seemed to be having fun through the class. Too bad I dance like a stick.

Korean Beginner Class

Every knowledge is a good knowledge. Starting with baby steps, I now can read the characters and write some words. Though conversate is still difficult. The tutor was fun and I had a great time going through the class.

Boarding House

Comfortable, just nice, and accommodating. Plus, the ahjumma cooks for me and cleans the house. The host was also very considering and helpful. Located strategically, I can easily move around Seoul by public transportation from the house.

In a nutshell…

I am proud to say that I was an intern at ACOPIA. It has the potential to grow more in the global world. I believe every effort made by me and my fellow friends had contributed towards the growth. And it will continue to do so if the workforce, the staffs and interns, keep the flame going.

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