My name is Nadia. I graduated 6 months ago but I have decided to continue the adventure abroad with ACOPIA to gain more international experiences. I am specialized in International Humanitarian Law and I wanted to try gaining experience in the project management field specializing in cross-cultural exchanges.


I have already worked in several professional positions in humanities in French NGOs such as French Red Cross and Emmaus. I have also volunteered in refugee camps in Italy and Paris, France. During my Master’s Degree Internship, I worked in Cambodia in an NGO, Taramana helping children in slums for 6 months.

This experience has changed aspects of my life. Indeed, my views of life and my future have changed and henceforth I know that I want to work in the human rights fields. But why Acopia ? As I said previously, all experiences are good and Acopia is an interesting organization that focuses on the cross cultural exchanges abroad especially between Japan and South Korea.


And I think all of us know that being open minded and understanding cultures are the key to lasting peace.

Acopia proposes a multidisciplinary experience where you can have the opportunity working in different activities, such as communications, project management or marketing.

Acopia organizes work camps around the world; especially between South Korea and Japan in order to encourage cultural exchanges between others.

So you can help create your own camp with partnerships abroad, help in the management sector and promote all programs at Acopia!

With Acopia you are free to just be creative!