Mika Fallar

Hello my name is Mika Robert Fallar and I am currently a third year student studying at Ateneo de Manila University Philippines with a major in Diplomacy and International Relations. A requirement of my course is an internship in an organization related to my major and I figured it would be best to intern abroad. This is how I ended up interning at ACOPIA. I have been intern at ACOPIA now for about a month and a half and a lot of things have happened.

My work mainly consisted of promoting ACOPIA Café’s Facebook page thru the sharing of pictures and daily stories about what is happening in the Café. I have also updated the google business page of ACOPIA Café by adding a description about the café, menu, and different pictures showcasing the warmth and coziness of the Café. The work that has mostly preoccupied me was helping with the translation of two website ACOPIA Friendship International and Kpop Camp into English from Japanese. The translation was a very time consuming job and process, but was worth it in being able to bring ACOPIA to a wider audience.

I have also experienced going to local universities and promoting the café by handing out flyers to university students interested in cultural exchange and conversation (in foreign languages such as English) at the ACOPIA Café. I also plan on promoting ACOPIA Internship and work camps in other websites that are popular in the Philippines in order to raise awareness about it. I have reached out to some organizations within my university and a local NGO in the Philippines and am waiting for their response