Hello! I am Megan Perez and I am a senior at Ateneo de Manila University studying Diplomacy and International Relations, with Specialization in East and Southeast Asian studies, and a Minor in Korean Studies. I am currently working as an intern at ACOPIA, and despite having only been here for a month, ACOPIA has provided me with knowledge and opportunities that I would not have found anywhere else. 


In the past month, I have seen ACOPIA's initiative to stay true to its mission and vision of establishing a multicultural environment where people are given opportunities to cross cultural boarders. As I work on my internship tasks, I  get to know more about the organization, and I continue to appreciate its initiatives.


For the past month, I was in charge of promoting the ACOPIA Cafe. I utilized my Photoshop skills and my knowledge in both English and Korean to make flyers that will draw people to visit the cafe to help with ACOPIA's fund generation. I was also in charge of promoting the Kpop Camp. I made posters that will encourage people to participate in the event. I manage the Facebook accounts and I reply to the inquiries people send us.

Together with the Filipino interns, I translated Japanese texts, organized the contents, and made a new website for the ACOPIA Friends International and ACOPIA Star Project. It was our toughest project so far, but we pulled through with the teamwork we exerted. I am proud that we got to use the knowledge, skills, and languages that we have learned (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) in the university in order to accomplish the task that was given to us.


Moreover, I have learned a lot about different cultures and Korea, most especially. Working with a lot of people who come from different places all over the world has taught me to be more open to learn about the aspects that set us all apart and and to expand my horizon with what I learn from them everyday. Aside from this, ACOPIA's activities also serves as the key to opening doors that allow me to experience more opportunities. With the ACOPIA Fund, we were able to go to Korea's DMZ, and here I learned more about Korea's history and culture; and with ACOPIA's Kpop Dance classes, not only do I learn about the Hallyu aspect of the Korean culture, but I also get to meet friends and teachers who I can share my interests with and practice my Korean with. 

I chose ACOPIA to experience life abroad and to learn more about the language and the culture that I am taking up at the university. I did not expect that I will be leaving with more than what I wanted to gain. I am grateful of everything that ACOPIA has provided me with and I am thankful for everything that I have experienced during my whole stay in Korea. I have surely gained knowledge, skills, and memories that will stay with me forever. With that, I am excited for what is ahead of me!