My internship at Acopia

Hello my name is Marie, I am a 20 years old French student who worked at Acopia. I’m majoring in foreign applied languages specialised in Korean Language and English. I did my internship in Acopia as part of my studies in La Rochelle.

I’ve been an intern in Acopia for 6 weeks from april 15th to may 24th as the leader of my team called ‘Broadcasting Team’ composed of three members, me, Tristan and Gurvan. My duty was to take care of Acopia’s Youtube channels (acopia star, acopia world and acopia school).

When I first arrived in the Office, Myriam my manager explained everything to me and she let me choose the activity that best suits me which I really appreciated. That helped me to really work in a good mood and especially working on something that I had interest for. I also like the fact that we could choose which day off we wanted.

My work was based on filming and editing many different kind of videos and contents to promote the company all over the world, specifically focusing on overseas areas such as europe, usa etc..

We did a lot of different activities with my team such as going to cat cafe, filming in hongdae streets, discovering new foods, going to hairdresser and we could choose what to film in order to make good content for Acopia. And I think working with people from my team became more and more interesting every day because our team spirit became stronger as we got along with each other.

I was also in charge of doing some schedules changes, talking with the trainees and participating to the current intern projects such as live cafes that the interns had to create on their own every two weeks. The atmosphere was very good between all the interns and we helped each other if needed which made the working time enjoyable for everyone.

I really like to meet one another and discovering new cultures and points of views by talking to all the interns coming for diverse parts of the world. I think working in Acopia was definitely a very nice human experience.

My original activities :

⇒ Promoting acopia through Youtube

⇒ creating contents related to intern’s life

⇒ finding entertainments companies contacts and get informations (Monday to Tuesday)