Ateneo de Manila University

I’ve been working at ACOPIA for over a month already. In the past few weeks, I've focused on building ACOPIA Global, a new- more streamlined - website for the organization along with a fellow intern. This website hopes to be more foreigner-friendly, and we're still working towards improving the content and information we have available.

Gawad Kalinga is a major NGO in the Philippines whom I've been engaged in talks with regarding a potential partnership with ACOPIA. We're hoping to increase the scale of our network and provide more options for Koreans to do real volunteer work in third world countries like my own.


I also promoted the events that ACOPIA organizes (KPOP camp, Language Lessons, and Work Camp). My main sources of traffic and inquiries come from groups in my university, ADMU.

I've been occupied with teaching english this month in particular. I've had 3 students for 2 hours weekly and they were actually quite interested in my home country and culture. We spent time going over articles and travelogues on the internet, as well as watching some movies to help them understand spoken english better.

Together with my fellow interns, we sometimes visit local high schools, universities, and entertainment centers with our boss in order to assist him with his business meetings.