My name is Kinga and I’m a 2nd year student at University College of Northern Denmark. Since I’m very interested in different cultures, I decided to study in Denmark and complete my internship in South Korea. 

Towards the end of my internship, I realised how many great memories I have made here. Although the very first week caught me a bit off-guard and it wasn't like my expectations, I could adjust to ACOPIA after a while and feel more comfortable.

During this internship, I had several tasks to focus on in the company. I mainly worked with communication and promotion, but also dealt with video production, the website and social media. As part of my original activity, I contacted unversities to form partnerships with the organization. Another opportunity I had so far was free talking with customers through which I could share a bit more about the Hungarian culture to them. I got to meet so many new, amazing friends whom I will miss a lot when I leave.

This internship allowed me to improve in several areas and be more organized, since most of the time we work with minimal supervision. It is a great insight into the „real working world” and how an NGO works. Moreover, I’m glad that I can share some interesting thoughts about Hungary, because a lot of people don’t know anything about it. Meeting awesome people from different cultures has to be my favourite thing about my time here, the community made the whole experience a lot more fun.

I am really curious about the South Korean culture, that’s why I chose to have an internship here. Through this opportunity, I could explore some places I’ve only seen on the screen before and try a lot of  delicious Korean foods. It’s definitely a very different experience, but I’m very happy to be here and see Seoul in real life.

Last Day at Acopia Cafe and Goodby party with the interns.