Hello !

My name is Héloïse Arneton and I worked as an intern at Acopia during 3 months. I am coming from France and I am currently 20 years old.

My major is Business in Asia and Japanese, thus I am really fond of Asian culture in general. This was my second time in Korea and thanks to this internship I had the opportunity to discover more about this country. This internship made me encounter a lot of new people and also have experience in various fields which was very interesting.

During the first month I had to learn how to do web designing from the other interns and although it was sometimes difficult it became easier to do it as time went by, I learned by working mainly on the Audition Support page which was created at the start of my internship.

I also did promotion for the JLNE program on various websites and platforms (Facebook etc…) and updated the schedules and pages for others ACOPIA programs such as the K-POP Camp or Audition Support. This is what I worked on during the two first months of my intern life.

We also did three days of audition support where we followed Japanese girls that wanted to become trainees in entertainment agencies to help them and film their achievement. It was one of the most interesting part of this internship because it was great to discover this part of the K-POP industry.

Later on, in April/May, we divided into teams and I choosed to be in the promotion one because it was the most fitting one considering what I had done during the previous months. It was interesting and more precise tasks were given to us as a team. I gained some knowledge and skills thanks to it and it was a good opportunity to learn more.

The Korean Classes that ACOPIA offered were good too, and the teacher was really kind and patient which made me love the korean language and gave me the motivation to learn it more seriously.

In conclusion, working here has been a pretty good experience and I loved working with the other interns since we were a great team !