About ME

Hello, My name is Gurvan and I am in third year in Business and Management International in France. During this year, I have the opportunity to do an internship abroad, I chose South Korea because I have never discovered this incredible country.

Through this internship I would have the chance to meet many people and to discover in more detail the culture, and of course to enrich my experiences

I’ve been an intern in Acopia for 3 months as the editor of my team called ‘Broadcasting Team’ composed of three members, me, Marie and Tristan. My duty was to take care of Acopia’s Youtube channels and edit videos every weeks for acopia star, acopia world and acopia school.

When I first arrived in the Office, our team manager asked us what areas were the most comfortable and I immediately answered the video editing, so I became a video editor for youtube channels

We did a lot of different activities with my team such as to filming the support auditions, going to cat cafe, filming busking, discovering new foods, and we could choose what to film in order to make good content for Acopia. And I think working with people from my team became more and more interesting every day because our team spirit became stronger as we got along with each other.

I really like to meet one another and discovering new cultures and points of views by talking to all the interns coming for diverse parts of the world. I think working in Acopia was definitely a very nice human experience.

Objectives achieved for Acopia Star:

+3,506 subcribers

+307,717 video view