My name is Quang Nguyen Duy and I’m from Germany, Berlin. I’m in my 3rd year majoring in East-Asian Studies and Business Administration at the Free University of Berlin. I came here to Korea because i wanted to gather experience working abroad and learn more about life in Seoul. 

Before I came to this place, I have researched about the organization’s work. I have noticed that the quality of various media platforms fluctuates a lot. My first guess was that this was due to the changing interns who come and leave every month. On top of it, during my first work day I realized that work at office was not well organized. To keep the same quality in uploads on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. I tried to add structure to the workflow in the office. Besides that, my own designated tasks were to visit various universities to promote our cafe and maintain our Facebook, Instagram and other community platform accounts. As stated on the website, you’ll be working independently under minimum supervision which I liked. I took that liberty to try out many different things that could increase our visitor count for our Acopia Cafe. By the end of this internship I have gained many valuable experiences. I also got to visit a entertainment college and training center with our boss who was on a mission to establish partnerships with them. The work atmosphere is very relaxed and my coworkers very friendly and fun.

Working for ACOPIA was a really great choice for me as it suits my field of studies very well. You’ll learn a lot about being part in an NGO. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming but you’ll eventually find out how the dots are connected if you put effort in it.