My name is Beldora, i’m on my last year of my master’s degree in marketing/communication. I want to work with Asia Hope Camp Organization because the work description fit well with my
specialization. Therefore, their doing international relation with Korea And Japan, 2 country that I didn’t really know, and I want to discover. Finally, since my school require me to do an internship I
apply and got accept. As a project management intern, I was assigned to promote Acopia and it’s different programme in
various website, update the information written on them, translated, created design for the different programs. I also work on social media, I focus mainly on Twitter and Facebook where I communicate with different person who were interested in Acopia programs. I help during the event organized and have the opportunity to met with different people from advertisement company. Apart from this, I also work as “duty staff” by communicating with interested intern applicant or others program
participant as well as working in financial aspect by receiving payments from intern applicant. I helped with the management of the café and the share house. I also have the opportunity to teach French to other people while Acopia provide us with Korean class in the retour. I learned a lot during this internship, especially how to be independent and effective in my work without the help of other people. Since I stay here for a long time I get the opportunity to expand my fields of work since I have to work in Human Resource by helping my co-intern and the staff as well as finding solution regarding the organization by myself. Working in an environment where people come from all across the world made me discover new culture, learn to be patient and more understanding of people in the way they perceive thing.