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Hello ! My name is Aissatou I am 20 years old and I’m from France. I’m actually a freshman of BTEC High National Diploma at the Campus Sacré-Coeur La Salle in Angers. I’m working on the promotion of Acopia and on the organization of events.

Acopia was a very big opportunity for me to travel abroad especially in South Korea because since a long time I wanted to come in this country, to learn more about the culture and communicate with Korean people.  The coffee allows me to do all the tasks that I should do and allows to meet new people. I especially like to communicate with the customers which are very nice and mind opening.

During my first month, I have the chance to go to Korea university to promote Acopia coffee where I meet a lot of students. Then I go to Ehwa university where I visited the university and have a cultural exchange with the students about a lot of theme.

The organization give us some good conditions of working with the different activities make in place like Korean classes and K-pop dance classes. We have a real nice team.

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