We support your auditions! We will accompany you for auditions in big companies such as JYP, SM, YG, FNC, BIGHIT & more…

We can offer guidance for any applications, airport reception, hotel, training room, shopping and travel assistance.



Are you the type of person that does not back down from a challenge? Do you want to pursue a career in the music industry? Do you happen to be interested in learning more about Korean culture and Korean language? You can now do all that by applying for the K-POP School Program at The Asia Hope Camp Organization!

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During the KPOP Audition Program at ACOPIA, singing, dancing and Korean language classes are offered for a period of time, varying from one month to one year. In between the trainee program, there are several opportunities to audition for big entertainment agencies such as :

★HUNUS Entertainment
★TS Entertainment
★UPVOTE Entertainment
★Jplanetent Ertainment
★Polaris Entertainment
★Music K 
★AL entertainment 
★Happyface entertainment
★Ateam entertainment
★Dam Entertainment
★SM Entertainment
★JYP Entertainment
★BigHit Entertainment
★FNC Entertainment
★Banana Culture Entertainment
★PLEDIS Entertainment (Male)
★CUBE Entertainment
★Kiwi Media Entertainment
★Victory Company

All are welcome at ACOPIA’s K-POP Audition Program, from complete beginners to experienced dancers and singers.

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* Please note: Audition support consists of one audition per week and no private classes. If you are seeking training as well, the Acopia School offers private classes and information about auditions in which the student would attend alone.


If interested, apply through the application form below.


When filling out the application form, it is mandatory to pay a non-refundable deposit of 320 USD. After that, the cost for the courses and accommodation must be paid. The total cost of the stay depends on the number of participating months at the ACOPIA K-POP School. Please find the total price list to the right.


All the Korean culture/language classes, dance and singing classes are held at the ACOPIA K-POP School address.

202 Deoksan BD. 60 World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03993, KOREA (03993 서울시 마포구 월드컵북로6길 60, 덕산빌딩 202)


Trainees will have access to ACOPIA’s resources to help them best achieve their goals, including a variety of Korean Language textbooks, ACOPIA’s dance studio, audio equipment for busking and training, translation assistance, photos and videos for their own talent portfolio and more.

Members of the program will be able to audition for real life Korean entertainment companies once every week (4 auditions per month).

This program consists of a weekly program. If you choose to participate for a month, you will be repeating the weekly schedule.

This program consists of:

- 6 night accommodation (Acopia House in Hongdae Area.)
- 4 days of dance training (2 - 5 person groups), vocal training (2 - 5person groups), Korean language (2 - 5 person groups).
- Coordination and reservation procedures for entertainment agencies’ auditions.
- One day of accompaniment for your audition and translations for you.
- Pick up service from Incheon Airport to Acopia House.


The VAD option allows you to audition directly in many entertainment companies. You will be visiting about 20 companies directly over 4 days during this Special Audition Program, once every two months.

The VAD option is currently $600 USD. (originally $1200)
VAD participants can also join KTC for 50% off.


The trainee schedule is updated monthly and is made based on the number of students and the level of the student.


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This is a shared house for multinational women with a shared living room and kitchen. It is a fashionable cafe alley 5-minutes walk from the Hongik University station (subway line 2) and the airport railroad. In addition, homestay opportunities and a boarding house are also available.

·   ACOPIA House: http://www.acopia-house.com/

·   Homestay: https://goo.gl/iHfsH4

Full rent must be paid a month before arrival in the ShareHouse by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

When sending the payment through Paypal please send the payment to the following Paypal address: acopia.asia@gmail.com

June 2019 Public Auditions

Audition Name Entertainment Company Affiliated artist Audition dates Location Remarks Details
SM Weekly Audition SM Dong Bang Shin Ki, EXO, etc. Every Saturday
June 8, 15, 22, 29
Seoul SM Celebrity Center 1st floor Change of place from March 2019 Details
SM Japan Monthly Audition SM EXO, RedVelvet June 15 SM JAPAN Office Can be substituted for email audition Details (in Japanese)
SM Global Audition SM EXO, RedVelvet June 8th, June 9th, June 22nd Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo E-mail examination Only apply at one location Details
JYP Center Audition JYP GOT7, TWICE June 2
June 16
Seoul - JYP Center   Details
BigHit Seasonal Audition Big Hit BTS June 30th, Sep 29th, Dec 29th Seoul - MDM Tower Men Only Details
2019 YG National Tour With Audition Truck YG BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, etc June 15 Jeonju City   Details
2019 Banana Culture Audition Banana Culture EXID July 20 Seoul Forest - SKV 1 Tower B, Building B, 1st Floor   Details
PLEDIS WONDER TEENS April Public Audition (Male) PLEDIS AFTERSCHOOL, NU'EST, SEVENTEEN, etc. May 26 (Sun) PLEDIS Entertainment Office   Details
July 13
July 20
Prior exam by email required Details
Kiwi Media Public Audition Kiwi Media Group Heyne June 2 KIWI BOX   Details
2019 AROUND US BOYS AUDITION AROUND US Highlight July 20 With-As practice room Men only, Prior reservation by mail Details
PLAYLIST MNH Chung Ha June 2 to June 30 Online audition Details
# LAST PUZZLE SOURCEMUSIC GFRIEND June 30 Online audition Details

Audition Support Conditions

*Pick up: The meeting place of the arrival date is Incheon Airport. Please gather from 15:00 to 16:00.

※The guesthouse is located close to Hongik University Station on Subway 2 with convenient access to the city.

*Depending on the flight arrival time, you can come directly to the lodging house, and the staff can pick you up at the nearest Hongik University entrance station.

We would appreciate it if you could arrange your arrival time by 14:00 on the first day.

If it is difficult to gather until 16:00, if you are staying at a nearby hotel or if you are going to join us on the way, we will inform you in advance of the meeting time and place.

※Each person is responsible for the fare from the lodging house to the airport on the last day.

(On the first day, participants who will go by themselves from Inchon Airport to Hongdae will be in charge of paying their transportation fee: about 4 USD

Cancellation conditions

The deposit is a part of the total fee the participants will pay.

If you cancel your participation the deposit will not be refunded. However, it can be used for other programs within two years as a credit.

Cancelling before the beginning of the program

If you pay for the full fee and cancel one month prior to the start of the program, the fees will not be refunded. However the fees can be used within two years as a payment toward other programs at ACOPIA.

Cancel after starting the program

There is no refund if you cancel your participation after the start of the program and return to your country.

Reservation and Payment

The full price for the program must be paid before arrival to the Acopia, when sending the payment through Paypal please send the payment to the following Paypal address: acopia.asia@gmail.com.

Deposits are not refundable but can be used within two years to cover other programs in Acopia. The deposit is part of the total participation fee.



Cha Wanho / YKnow  

  • 2010 Graduation of the School of Information and Technology from the Department of Practical Music

  • 2012 Graduated from the Department of Practical Dance

  • Golden Disk Awards - Crayon Pop Backup 

  • Music Dance Academy Specialized Team Instructor [K-Pop Class]

  • GRAVITY Culture Ground's lecturer [Choreography Class]

  • Wawa Dance Academy Maura shop lecturer [Urban Class] 

  • SMTOWN COEX Artium Dundan Trainer

    Suyung Park (Park Su-young 박수영)

  • Graduation from Chuo University of Arts

  • 2006 singer backup activity

  • 2008 Miss Korea Choreographer Guidance

  • Broadcasting dance instructor

  • Company employee lesson instructor




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* Start of your program and arrival in the Acopia House
Support End Date *
Support End Date
*The support end date is also the day you will end your stay at the Acopia House.
Do you want VAD? *
VAD is Visiting about 20 companies directly over 4 days during Special Audition Program, once every two months.