My name is Yingke Yang and I am currently studying in the Mount Holyoke College in the United States. I’m a rising junior student major in East Asian studies. The reason why I applied for this internship program is that I’m always interested in East Asian culture and language, and I enjoy talking with people from different countries. Moreover, I am also planning to study and work in Korea in the future. Therefore, this internship at Acopia Cafe turns out to be an excellent internship program for me to spend the summer vacation.

During the internship program, my own project is to translate the Acopia website into both simplified and traditional Chinese for potential Chinese clients and interns. It was a little overnwhetming at first, but all the colleagues are so friendly and kind that I could gradually get accustomed to life in Korea. Moreover, I sometimes help Acopia to pick up new students coming for Kpop Camp because I can speak multiple languages. It is definitely interesting to work with people from different cultures, and I can have more chances to practice my language skills.

During the program, I also try my best to make full use my leisure time to explore Korea. I visited a lot of popular places in Seoul, and I even travelled to place like Gwangju.

After all, I really appreciate this program for providing me more chances for learning and exploring Korean and fulfilling my summer vacation!