Hello, my name is Wina. I am the first intern from Brunei. I am majoring in Economics at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. I came to Korea as part of my university’s program and I chose to do an internship abroad that’s how I found ACOPIA and apply for the internship they offer as they are not partners with my university.

I have been in ACOPIA for almost a month now and I have participated in various activities such as distributing flyers, free talking with customers and went to schools to promote ACOPIA. I also contacted my university to create a partnership with ACOPIA. Brunei is not very well known in Korea, however the Korean culture is very much popular in my country, so I thought ACOPIA could provide Bruneians to experience internship aboard as well to experience the Korean culture first hand.

ACOPIA also provide Korean language class for their interns once a week. Which is very convenience for me, as I speak zero Korean. Whenever I have question at the store, I need google translate to help me communicate which can be really frustrating and tedious, and I would try to avoid talking instead. This class has lessened my burden in term of communication here.