Learning French


Learned language: french

When I was searching for a lecturer on the internet urgently because I was preparing for a job interview at the French embassy, I came across ACOPIA’s multicultural classroom language program by chance. It was much cheaper than the one-to-one lecture by native speakers. The class was interesting because I could have conversations with teachers who were students or internship students or exchange students in an informal and casual place.

Since the native English tutors are not professional instructors, I have picked the materials and class contents to be used in advanced. I took my personal textbook in class and the teacher really helped me in understanding it better. In addition, you can do and choose your own tasks such as writing and translating, and you can also customize your lessons and the teacher will correct you in class. 

In addition, not only was I able to enjoy the class, but I was also able to experience cultural exchange. My teacher is French and she also lives in France. She is currently an intern and is studying her master’s degree. Since I am a Korean, I was able to share to her much about Korean culture. Much more, I deeply talked about the cultural and historical social issues between Korea and Japan - promoting an understanding of mutual culture and language between these two countries. 

Other academic lectures and classroom type discussions usually promote a passive role while ACOPIA’s multicultural classroom operates in a one-on-one lecture which actively encourages the student to participate more. Preparing for the lesson and the materials helped me in my French conversational skills. This was such a good opportunity and it really helped me a lot. 

In my case, I’m good in reading and writing in French, but I needed to improve on the speaking aspect. Before the one-on-one lesson, I was really afraid of speaking in French, but the class gave me that boost of confidence to more comfortably speak French.