My name is Sophie, the 22 year old Australian university student on the ACOPIA Intern team. On most days, you can find me sipping on mochas, tucked away in noraebangs or practicing dance moves under the table. I am a former Korea University student (go tigers!) and current Communication and Media intern back in the land down under.

My start at ACOPIA happened suddenly but smoothly, and I was immediately given the direction I needed from my managers and fellow staff members. I was also given the creative freedom I wanted to pursue and practice the things I wanted to improve. As a Communication manager, I am well versed in social media management, but I wanted to focus more on my video editing. Working at ACOPIA and filming the Intern Life videos, Dance classes and VAD programs gave me the experience I need to develop myself as an experienced videographer and editor through Filmora and Sony Vegas.

For a short while, I was also a part of the Project Management team, which gave me experience in a new field completely. I managed and organised bi-weekly live music events in the ACOPIA cafe. as well as started up ‘ACOPIA NEWS’ which featured a weekly article and weekly newsletters. I was also active in weekly dance classes and outdoor busking and had the chance to run my own dance class called K-DANCE CORNER which invited foreigners to ACOPIA to learn K-POP DANCE.

I learnt a lot during my time at ACOPIA, and had the chance to build up my portfolio to become a reputable university student. Also, I hope I had a chance to leave a positive imprint on ACOPIA and help the communication between not only Korea-Japan, but also multicultural relations between Asia and the rest of the world.


Created ACOPIA NEWS and posted articles and newsletters every week.

Held dance classes to teach foreigners about Korean dance.

Worked on the promotion of Live Cafe and ACOPIA programs.

Created weekly videos for Intern Life, ACOPIA School and Audition Program.

Liaised between Vietnamese intern to promote ACOPIA in Vietnam.