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Hello, my name is Neïla and I am french. I am currently doing a Master’s degree in International Negotiation with a focus on Korean culture (MASNI) at Aix –Marseille University. I had the opportunity to discover South Korea: It’s my sixth time coming to Seoul, and this time I wanted to have a professional point of view of the country, thanks to ACOPIA.

There are different activities in ACOPIA, that’s why I have been able to develop my skills and my knowledge further with regards to project management, marketing and communication.

Possessing a strong interest for cross-cultural communication, I often travel, and ACOPIA has the advantage of working with other interns from different countries so I discovered different cultures.

I did a two-month internship in a NGO in Cambodia to support child education. That’s why I am working on a project about Children’s Day for ACOPIA. In fact, I am eager to work with children as it is a strong passion of mine. I am volunteering during my free time in different Korean orphanages.

Concerning my tasks, I assisted the staff during Kpop Camp by promoting it, creating communication supports and videos, accompanying the attendees for their activities…. You can see the promotion video that I made for the next Kpop camp and the level of some students.

I’m really concerned about the international cooperation and exchange between countries that’s why I will want to make projects or events about it. Don’t hesitate to join ACOPIA internship program!