My name is Mylène OURY. I’m a French student actually doing a master at Inalco in Paris. I major in Korean and Communication. Since I had to do a 3 months internship I wanted to do it in Korea so I get could get a working experience in the country I’m studying, and it could be as well as an opportunity to practice my Korean. When I came across the internship offer of ACOPIA, I couldn't be more happy because it fitted my major so well. On the website, I saw that ACOPIA organised regularly work camps and I had the opportunity to do a work camp two years ago in Korea when I came as an exchange student. This was one of the best memory of my life that’s why I thought it would be so nice if could work for this kind of organisation.

For now, it’s been only one month that I started working at ACOPIA as an intern. At first I mainly tried to look for potential partnership organisation in France and contact them. I also updated a bit the new English website, and tried to promote cultural meet-up as well I attending them. But my main activity during this month was giving 1 on 1 french classes. I have two very different student. My first student had already a good level in french and she needed help to prepare for a job interview as well as to practice her speaking skills. I really enjoy giving her classes because we exchange a lot about our different culture and I feel like I might learn more than I actually can teach. I was very scared of not be much of help to her as I’m not a real teacher, but I was happy to see that she seems to enjoy our classes together as well. My second student is an high school boy who is still at beginning level. Teaching him as been a totally different experience as I needed to teach him more basic things but it felt more difficult as I didn’t really know where to start. I still think it’s a great experience for someone who is usually shy like me because it forces me to overcome my shyness and realize I can do a lot of things if I want.