Hello! My name is Meline. I am a 25 years old girl from France. I am majoring in English, Korean and International relations at La Rochelle University. I came to Korea as an exchange student few years ago and I wanted to have a working experience abroad thanks to ACOPIA.

I have been working for ACOPIA for a while now and I could participate in various activities such as meet-up activities, multicultural classes, K-POP Camp promotion and website translation. I also had to contact foreign organizations for partnerships in France in order to help ACOPIA to get involved abroad and share the Korean culture. I also participated in a trip to Daejeon with other interns. We visited Woosong University to promote our Camp in Japan and took a look around Daejeon's traditional market. We enjoyed traditional Korean food like Hotteok and Kalguksu. It was a very nice trip.

Thanks to all the tasks I have to achieve at ACOPIA I could develop management and communication skills while improving my Korean and English language abilities.

Working at ACOPIA is a great opportunity for me as it is in directly linked to my studies back in France, it is also very interesting to interact with the other interns from all around the world and share our culture to each other. I really like the globalized aspect of ACOPIA and the good ambiance at the cafe.