Hello, my name is Margarita (Maggie) Rodriguez and I am a student at the University of North Carolina with a major in Psychology and minors in Education and Korean. I applied to this internship because I was interested in learning more about the Korean education system and Korean society in general.

My main tasks included doing promotion for the KPOP camp, visiting Gyeseong High School to promote ACOPIA, and teaching English lessons. I enjoyed visiting the high school the most because I could see what Korean schools are like firsthand. The teachers and students at the high school were very kind and welcoming. I gave feedback to the students about their English pronunciation and writing.

I also enjoyed meeting the other staff and interns working at the time. They would answer my questions, not only about work but also about living in Korea. This was my first time in Korea and I came alone, so just adapting to a new country was a challenge. Therefore, I really appreciated meeting a group of kind and helpful people. My main goal was to learn more about the Korean society and education system. I definitely accomplished this goal. I also learned teamwork skills as I interacted with a diverse group of people. Additionally, I learned how to be more independent as I accomplished some tasks on my own. This was definitely a learning experience. I look forward using my newfound knowledge during my future endeavors, both in Korea and elsewhere.