My name is Patricia Luna and I am a senior at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines studying Diplomacy and International Relations. I have only been in ACOPIA for a little over a month and it has already brought many good memories to me. I have met people from other walks of life here and have learned about their culture. Working in ACOPIA itself has already given me the chance to come to Korea and learn more about their culture and their people. I have also seen the different activities and opportunities that ACOPIA offers people from all over the world in which they could learn more about the Korean culture and possibly give a chance for Koreans to learn about the cultures of other people as well by meeting them and chatting with them. The organization also gave me the chance to visit the demilitarized zone in Korea and to enter one of the tunnels dug by the North Koreans in an attempt to ambush South Korea.


I have gone to hand out flyers to a university advertising ACOPIA Café and what it offers in an attempt to get customers to come and experience Free Talk. I have also posted on social media accounts showing our followers what we do or what we are doing at the moment to pique their interest to come to the Café. ACOPIA -Pop Camp which the organization offers frequently is a good way for people from all around the world who love K-Pop and Korean culture in general to come here and train like trainees do, audition to become a trainee and to experience Korean life even if it is only for a while. I along with my friend, made posts advertising the activity in Facebook, attracting many K-Pop campers from other parts of the world. 

For the rest of my internship, I feel like I can continue to advertise the Café, as it can help Koreans to meet foreigners and vice versa, to make new friends and to learn new languages. I, along with my fellow interns can continue going to universities to advertise the Café and hopefully get other young people interested in the cultures of other people as well. I can also advertise ACOPIA when I get back to the Philippines for those who are looking for an internship that can be both fun and a learning experience.

My overall feel for ACOPIA is that it is a great place to get to know more about not just Korean culture, but also the culture of everyone else who works in the organization.