My name is Leni and I study Psychology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I could do an internship during my fifth semester so I decided to do it and go to Korea to learn more about the culture and the people living here.

I don’t really have main activities but more like doing everything from time to time. I promote ACOPIA Café on social media, I promote K-POP Camps, when we have them, but I also create and upload videos to our YouTube channel. I enjoy the part of creating videos the most. I like that there are so many possibilities with which one can play while creating them that there always is something new to find.

            One of the challenges was to get the ACOPIA Café running again. Persuading the director, then the planning, buying ingredients/products, making a work schedule, changing the look of the Café and a lot of other things that needed to be done before the opening took a lot of (underestimated) time. But it didn’t stop with re-opening the Café. When it was open the new challenge was to gain customers and right now, we are still busy with doing exactly that.

            One of my favourite skills that I’ve developed since I am here is the creating of videos. I never did it before and now I am doing it weekly. Another one is that I have gotten a better understanding of management, be it people, a Café or social media accounts.

            I am looking forward to experience even more different things, positive and negative to be able to learn from them.

            I really like the life in Korea. There is so much to see that it never gets boring. Right in Hongdae is the busking which is always different. At the Seoul City Hall was a Light Festival. From the Namsang Tower you have one of the best views over Seoul. There is a big variety of food. All in all, there is a lot to do and to see here, which makes the life very interesting.