■ Basic conditions for participation in the Camp:

*Being interested in Korea and being physically and mentally healthy.

*Junior high school students-university students (professional students).

*In the case of minors, having obtained the consent of the parents (parents).

*Be careful to follow the instructions of the accompanying leader.

*Agree to shoot and use photos and videos during the camp.

■ Cancellation rule

・ Application fee: Application fee is a part of the entire cost. It will not be refunded if canceled after payment. However, within two years you can spend on other programs.

・ Cancellation of balance: After payment in full, in the case of cancellation within one month from the start date, it will not be refunded. Within 2 years from the time of cancellation, it can be used for other programs.

・ Cancellation after start: There is no refund if you return home after your start, or if you interrupt on the way.

※ Please apply after agreeing to the above.

※ Contact Us: / Domestic calls in Japan: 050-5329-2667

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