My name is Julien, and I am currently in 2nd year of Bachelor at ESCD 3A in Lyon, France. I am studying social entrepreneurship and humanitarian/NGO and had to do a 2 months internship. This is how I gained interest in ACOPIA and its internship program: so here I am!

I am currently an intern for ACOPIA since one month now, and have had different opportunities and project here.

When I arrived, I've worked on finding an original activity besides the promotionnal program of the KPOP and WORK camps that ACOPIA provides. So, I've found out that vegetarianism is expending in Korea, and as I am concerned by this case, I decided to organize a vegetarian & vegan event. 

The vegetarian event requires to work on communication and promotion, organization of the activities and of the event itself, ... I am looking forward to see how next month will go!