Hello everyone,

I’m Jonathan, a 24 years old marketing student at Gaming Business School based in Lyon.

I’m currently doing my internship in Acopia during 3 months.

I’m working in the Broadcasting & Social Media teams.

Acopia for me was a good place to share cultural experience with many other country, despite having a lot of French people, I talked a lot in English during this period.

I came already 4 times in Seoul, but I wanted to experience working in this country, that’s why I choose Acopia.

Since I wanted to work in the event field, the Kpop Camp & VAD was a great opportunity.

I made many friends during this internship from all around the world, which was very amazing.

During those camp I have the opportunity to travel all around Seoul to discover many places with the participants. I also created a lot of promotion videos for Acopia.