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Asia Hope Camp Organization is an NGO that organizes work camps in Asian countries, K-POP related entertainment programs , and provides language education in both South Korea and Japan. We support voluntary work, international cooperation and exchange between countries.



Since 2011, ACOPIA has focused its efforts on a new project for the international youth named the Asia Hope Camp. The Camp operates under the slogan “beyond natural disasters, to the world, to the future.”
It aims to bridge the global youth through the facilitation of multicultural exchange both in and out of Korea.


cultural exchange


The Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA) works in cooperation with other institutions in order to achieve its mission. Korea Plaza Hiroba, the Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum (KJ Forum), ACOPIA Entertainment, ACOPIA Life Long Education Center, ACOPIA Café and ACOPIA Friendship International in Japan are the main pillars that allow the proper functioning of ACOPIA.