Hello, I am Fiona from Hong Kong. I am currently a Marketing student undergoing my bachelor degree in the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong.


I have visited South Korea several times before because of travelling. It is my first time to have an internship program in Korea. Although my internship program is a month only, I have many precious memories in ACOPIA and Seoul. I have met different people from different countries and broaden my perspective about Korean culture from different aspects. Also, it is the first time that I work with a non-profit organization. I have a better understanding of operation and goals of an NGO.


My major job tasks are promotion and prepared Hong Kong audition in the past month. To attract more Chinese to join ACOPIA’ programs and increase people awareness of ACOPIA, I have been in charge of promoting programs of ACOPIA on social media and creating a Chinese version official website. I have been also in charge of prepare an audition which will hold in Hong Kong. These tasks are challenging and new for me but I still enjoy the process as I like to try on new things. During this period, I worked with interns from different countries. Day by day, we get closer and have many treasured memories. Although we had different opinions during prepare the Hong Kong audition, we overcome it which strengthen our team spirit. Moreover, Mr Cho is an open minded boss who gave me a lot of spaces to prepare the Hong Kong audition and willing to accept different suggestions. Thus, I can prepare the project smoothly.


 The most unforgettable part of this internship program is having a Korean class. I am not only can learn Korean in the class but also have a better understanding of Korean culture. The Korean teacher is friendly who willing to share own experiences and tell us more about the culture. For example, she taught me a marriage culture in Korea and lots of useful vocabularies. I become more interested in Korean and know more about the culture.


I am glad to meet people who I was working with. They make my holiday become more enrich and cheerful. It is one of my memorable internships.


Original activities:

●     ACOPIA promotional activities, such as poster making and promotion on social media

●     Creating and redesigning ACOPIA Chinese websites

●     Preparing the coming audition in Hong Kong