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Hello, my name is Elika. I’m 22 years old. I’m an Iranian, but I grew up my whole life in Germany. I’m majoring Tourism and Event Management at International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany. Part of my studies is to do an internship abroad and I choose Korea. It is a totally different country, that many people wouldn’t consider to choose. When people think of Asia they would probably think of Japan, China, etc.. As a tourism student, I am really interested in the Korean culture, the social etiquettes of the country, the working atmosphere and in general the lifestyle, so I choose to come to Acopia to experience all this. 

I started my internship the 19thof June 2018. During my training I worked in various of projects and I was even charge of an individual project by myself. 

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Part of my internship was doing promotion for those individual projects, like the Work Camp, the KPOP Camp and the Acopia Café. With our individual projects we tried to grew the awareness of our language exchange café. My individual project was an International Dinner Party. With the help of the other interns, we created an international buffet for the event and some highlights for the guest to enjoy. It was a successful and fun night with a lot of memories. 

Being part of the organization of the KPOP Camp was a huge experience for me as an event management student. In general, KPOP and music entertainments are an important factor of the growing tourism in Korea. The whole system of becoming an idol/musician is really fascinating and really different from the western way. 

My task was taking care of the candidates, by picking them up, bringing them to their schedule and make sure they are safe and comfortable. On the days of the castings, I helped by taking care of the organization, so everything went smoothly. 


All in all, I can say that my internship at Acopia helped me more organised and confidence. Furthermore, I learned a lot about Korean culture, language and the music industry which I am really interested to work someday maybe. Even when I don’t plan to work in this industry, it still gave me an impression of how it is to work in Korea later, what I am considering lately.