Cherry Mak

Hi, I am Cherry Mak

I am currently a year 4 student with studying BBA with marketing concentration at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. I am interested in Korea and their culture.

I have travelled to Korea for a several times in the past years. I am interested to understand the culture and willing to have a experience of living in Korea. In once, I find the internship opportunity through my university and in order to have a chance to live in Korea, I decided to join the program. Before I go to Korea, I hope I can know more Korea culture and have some special experience during I stay in Korea.

During the internship period, I have learnt several things that I can’t learn from lesson or books. In ACOPIA, I have met some friends from different countries, during the work days, I have to deal with my colleagues to finish different tasks, it is one of the difficulties because they are from different countries and they have their own working cultures. We have to have more communication to ensure we are understandingeach other clearly. Although we are from different countries, we still have a precious working time and memories.

In ACOPIA, my main responsibilities were focused on the marketing and promotions. I am focused on the projects promotion and assist the programs which are in the Hong Kong region. I am responsible to design the promotion and edit the website; plan and prepare for the activities in Hong Kong. It was a challenge for me that I have to utilize the knowledge and skills that I have learnt from my lessons. I was not sure the ways or methods were right or not but this was the first try that I can gain some experiences. Apart from gaining working experience, I have also learnt a lot of things during the internship program. I have learnt how to communicate, understand and respect others; skills of designing, editing website. All of these can help me to improve and enhance my ability.

During the one month ACOPIA life, I have a great time with my friends and the boss, Mr. Cho; and I have learnt different things that I cannot learn from my lessons and books. It was the precious memories and I will never forget. I will miss my friends and my working life in ACOPIA.

Original Activities:

- Promotion activities

- Edit website

- Translate information to Chinese