This month I mostly worked on looking for local Malaysian organisations to pursue volunteering partnerships with them. Together with Naz, we identified a few local organisations providing opportunities to international participants and we contacted them accordingly. After initial contact, we had Skype interviews with interested partners.

Aside from that, I also worked on translating the K-POP Camp page from Japanese to English together with Lia and Dana.


I also continued having English class with Mrs. Park and I have fun teaching her as she is always ready to teach me the Korean language. She also gave me an autographed album from her son, who is a singer

Also, I experienced my first Ramadhan away from home and it is surprisingly easy. On 25th of June, I celebrated my first Eid-ul Fitr (or Hari Raya as we call it back in Malaysia) a celebration day that marks the end of the month of Ramadhan, here in Korea. I celebrated it with my friends, eating Malaysian food, and I also went to the embassy to celebrate it with other Malaysians. nc nec, hendrerit turpis. Quisque congue porttitor ullamcorper. Aenean eu justo sed elit dignissim aliquam.

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