My name is Alexandra Tamayo and I’m from Spain. Currently I’m studying my Master’s degree in Social Psychology (Marketing and Communications) at the University of Paris Nanterre (France). In order to validate my final year, I had to do an internship of at least 4 months.


The reason why I decided to do my internship in Korea it’s because I have been very interested in Korea and its culture for 7 years. Therefore, for my final year I wanted to work on the things that I’m the most interested in: Marketing, Multiculturalism and Korea.

While looking for internships in Korea, I found out about Acopia’s internship program which gathers all these 3 things together.

During my first month working as an intern in Acopia, I had the opportunity to work on different things such as duty staff work, promoting Acopia café, participating in events, etc. However, in Acopia, you have a lot of freedom to work on different projects, and even an original idea project! Even though having too much freedom it’s not always the best way to learn as an intern in an organization, company or whatsoever, I think that this aspect helped me to improve my personal skills and it will be very helpful if as I want to work as a Marketing Project Manager in the future.

We were also asked to work on “an original activity”. My idea was to update the visual of the YouTube channel and to help Acopia become more present on YouTube and Facebook.

For now, I’m working on the intro and the outro for the incoming videos that we will upload on our channel.

The most interesting things were getting the chance to visit a Korean university and high school and meeting people from all over the world!


It has already been 2 months since I started my internship at Acopia. During this time, we have visited some universities in order to talk with students at the University clubs. With Aurelie, we went to Ewha Woman's University. It was a really good and interesting experience ^^