This non-paid training is organized by Asia Hope Camp Organization and the International Trade Department of Kumamoto City, Kyushu, Japan and is supported by Korea-Japan Socio-cultural Forum.


From the 1st to the last day of each month (1 month): classes start on the 2nd, at 10am
 This is a one-month program, but you can stay in the dorm for up to three months (you have to pay for accommodation)
 You can set your duration of stay on the application of the program. (Note that the accomodation needs to be paid before your departure to Japan.) 


Training place

International Center of Kumamoto



- Japanese language classes and cultural experiences 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday (classes are also available on Saturdays and Sundays)

- Optional: Voluntary teaching of your language

This is an unpaid program organized by Asia Hope Camp Organization, using the 90 day short term visa.

If you have a Working Holiday Visa you can work at Link Cafe located in the International Center

Staff Presentation


Daguchi Maiko (田口麻衣子さん)

Daguchi Maiko works at Nagomi House from 9:00 to 18:00.

She is a fan of and goes to Seoul once a while to attend their concerts.

Maiko works for the KJEJ, the Furusato program and the Nagomi program but she also works on other poles.

If you want to experience life in Kumamoto and Japan, she's the one who will guide you around. Not only will she be your guide, she'll be a friend you'll never forget.

She will be in charge of finding you small jobs on site and will present you the different cultural activities organized by the inhabitants of Kumamoto.

Kumamoto's 1: 1 training is not just an ordinary language training. Japanese volunteers will help you experience Japanese culture and tradition, all with the chance to learn the Japanese language with volunteer teachers for a month.

Kumamoto will be remembered as your "second  hometown".


After the program

- If you have a working holiday visa: we will help you find paid internships (part-time jobs) in hotels / restaurants and cafes like Link Cafe (see above)

- If you do not have a working holiday visa: we will present you unpaid internships or volunteer work.

- Or you can just flight back home


All the 1:1 teachers are volunteers from the international center which will make the teaching classes more comfortable. 

          Volunteers at the Kumamoto International Center

         Volunteers at the Kumamoto International Center


-Residence Kaida:

Accommodation costs: 900USD per month
Two or three people share the same room, but if there is only one participant, the accommodation fee is 1,200USD.

(The initial fee for one person is 1,800USD, but Acopia provides 600USD.)

Accommodation costs cover everything including cleaning, appliances, surety and internet.
However, if the monthly electricity and water bill exceeds 100USD, you may have to pay the excess amount.

 The accommodation is not a dormitory but a full-option hotel type residence (in the heart of the city and 5min from the International Exchange Hall training center) equipped with Internet, Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerator, blanket, air conditioner , rice cooker, microwave, gas stove, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, toaster, kitchen gadgets, bathroom, automatic door lock and many more. The sheets of the bed are changed every week.


logement kuma.jpg

- Nagomi House:

You can also choose to live in Nagomi House but the accommodation is far from the place of work!
320USD deposit must be paid in advance, the deposit is a part of your total payment and will be deducted from the total of your accommodation fee.
The full rent must be paid before arrival in the accommodation
If you stay less than 2 months an additional 200USD fee has to be paid.

(for girls only) Nagomi House: All charges included

① One bed in a single room: 700USD per month
② One bed in a room for two: 500USD per month
※ Deposit / entry fees / charges water electricity and gas included.

nagomi house.jpg

Photos of the program

How to apply

1. Fill in the form below

2. Send your resume by email at acopia.cafe@gmail.com with the name of the internship program

3.We will contact you to tell you about the result

4. Pay the 320USD deposit

5.Pay the full rent fee before your arrival

6. Buy your plane ticket and subscribe to health insurance. Then tell us your date / time of arrival. A Pick Up service from the airport will be provided.

7. First meeting on the 2nd of each month. You will have a level test in Japanese. You must bring 5000 yen in cash and give it to the agent.

8. Enjoy your stay and your training

9. On the last day, there will be a presentation about your stay in Japan.

10. After one month, you must write a report. (A4 3 pages + 5 pictures of you)


Refund conditions
Up to 2 months before departure: refund of fees except for deposit
Up to 1 month prior to departure: 50% refund of fees except for
Up to 2 weeks before departure: 20% refund of fees except for
From 2 days before departure: Refund impossible

※ The deposit of 320USD is not refundable but you can can use this deposit for any other program of Asia Hope Camp Organization during 2 years


Inquiry (contact person)
Asia Hope Camp Organization Korea Office
F SAMTONG Building 24-7, World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Email: acopia.cafe@gmail.com
TEL: + 82-2-738-4649

application form

Name *
Sex *
If none write 'none'
Japanese Proficiency
Travel Insurance *
Do you agree with the refund policy? *
Will you write a report on your experience after completing the internship? *
Make sure that you can get a visa by your own (we will not sponsor you) *
Acopia cannot help you to get a visa for Japan so contact the Japanese Embassy of your country to make sure that you can get a visa before applying.