July’s and August K-POP camp

During one week, aspiring trainees from all over the world, especially from Japan, Hong-Kong, France and America went to Seoul to experience the trainee life during one week and maybe have the chance to become trainees by doing auditions.


We first started by picking them up from the airport, and to get to know each other we did a welcoming party with blind tests and fun games about K-POP and Korean culture.

After coming back to their share house and enjoying free time, the contestants slept until the next day, in the morning, one group went to dance classes and the other to vocal classes.


With the help of very experienced teachers they practiced during two hours and after enjoying a typical Korean meal they switched place. Generally the participants tended to enjoy their free time by walking in Hongdae.

The next morning, it was time to practice again with dance and vocal lessons as well as Korean classes. The afternoon was the time for the aspiring trainees to choose between going to the Lotte world, an amusement park and to visit Seoul wearing traditional Korean clothes Hanbok and do a boat trip on Han River.    


After having fun doing these activities we then eat delicious Korean food. They also took dance classes in the famous dance studio One million with really experienced teachers who worked for famous idols in the K-POP industry. We came back several times to One Million as it is a great opportunity to learn from the best.

To experience the daily life of an idol the participants did a photoshoot, after being taken care of their hair and makeup.

After practicing again, the contestants had to finally prepare to pass the auditions for several companies, it was a great experiences and some of them caught the eyes of the pros.

They also had the opportunity of going to the famous SM to audition for them.

Article written by Julianne acopia.france@gmail.com

Article written by Julianne acopia.france@gmail.com