ACOPIA Cafe turns 'FANCY' in JYP Live Cafe

The JYP Nation may be constantly whispering at the start of their tracks, but our trainees were certainly not quiet at last Friday’s Live Cafe, JYP special.


Trainees and interns took to the stage to pay their respects to the (not so silent) J in the ‘big three’ of entertainment companies in Korea. Yuuka, ACOPIA trainee, performed Twice’s ‘TT’, followed by the sharp movements of Katsuki with ‘FANCY’.

Along for the ride, a Korean news presenter arrived to take photos of the ACOPIA trainees. Both Yuuka and Katsuki were given the chance to be the center of a professional camera just like the idols they look up to.

JYP,  named after the former K-POP star founder (known for his plastic see-through pants back in the day), Park Jin Young, is a leading name in the Korean entertainment industry and a multi-million dollar mogul. Less than ten years ago, girl group Wonder Girls spearheaded the company’s success, followed closely by 2PM and 2AM, a powerful boy group combo. Nowadays, nine member group Twice is taking the world by storm, trailed closely by contemporary boy group GOT7, and more recently, new generation groups Stray Kids and ITZY.

Being a pioneer of international relations, JYP is a prime example of how successful a company can be when extending its reach beyond the Korean Peninsula. Momo, Sana and Mina from girl group Twice have gained an overwhelming fanbase from all around the world, and remains stellar role models for the ACOPIA Japanese trainees.

Stay tuned for more information on future Live Cafe nights, as well as the official press release of the nights events.

By Sophie Austin.