ACOPIA trainees, teachers and staff sit down with the New York Post to talk K-POP, NGOs and Korea-Japan's promising future

As the Hallyu wave picks up speed, ACOPIA’s novelty has caught the attention from across the Bering Sea. From New York’s concrete streets and lacing skyscrapers, the New York Post came to lend a curious eye to our staff and trainees, keen to know more about what makes ACOPIA tick.


On a tepid 25 degree Monday, I met Bart amidst filming for a dance cover. An unconventional meeting, one paired with a few pants for air and a rush to bring the New York Post journalist to the right place, but a welcomed one nonetheless. The journalist had travelled from America to dive deep into the colourful world of K-POP, and chose ACOPIA as one of the hubs of relevant information.

Back at the dance studio, the energy buzzed as Bart, ACOPIA Trainee Yuuka and founder Cho prepared for an interview. Interns were close at hand, especially Korean to English translator Léa and Japan to English translator Myriam.

"Am I the only Korean here?” Our dance teacher laughed once the founder had left, lightening the tension.

Yuuka, who presented the same diplomatic calmness similar to Korean idols, assured the journalist that she was practicing hard toward her debut.

Afterwards, it was time to capture the dance, which we had been working on for over four weeks. After instructing us to dance with the spirit of Mamamoo in our moves, we hit off with Bart’s camera following our every move.

When it came to our teacher’s turn to have an interview, her English fluency made the process a breeze. “I think K-POP has a lot of different colours that attracts fans from all over the world,” she said. “It has something for everyone.”

“My flowers!” She also introduced us as, making sure to give each member of the dance class their 5 seconds of fame.

We wrapped up with an overthrow of thank-yous and called it a day, itching to see what will come of Monday;s events.

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By Sophie Austin.