Hello!! My name is Natsuho from Japan, an undergraduate student at Doshisha University. I have been working at ACOPIA for two months.


After finishing one year study abroad in Gwangju, I really did not want to go back to my country and to get the experience working at Korean society apart from my University study so I applied for this internship.  

I belonged to some activities: Kpop camp or translating website and one of the most unforgettable experiences is managing the Star Project. The star project is 6month study abroad program that students come to Korea and train   for being Kpop idol in a future. I was a manager of this project.

Honestly, I was not so much interested in Kpop idol and it was first time for me to manage such a big project so it made me nervous. Also, The project was almost from zero so It was required to think a lot about managing schedule of event or class for dance or songs, how to collect the participants.

  There were so many hard time but I learned a lot.

・Don’t keep thinking only by myself but asking someone to get an advice.

・Making everything clear about work in an each moment.

・Always thinking by standing with both side: from staff side and from students ( customer side). It mean that it is important to seek a matching point about both what I would like to do and what students, teachers or my boss want to do.

・Making sure every time if I communicate well with the other person.

  I always face these four points and was also training by myself to deal with these points well. It seems easy appearlently, but for me, when I got into the working society, I felt that it is really important things and need to think seriously and focusing on them  

  The intern life is not only hard time but also gave me a lot of fun and happy moment.


I was living at same house with other interns. Even though we are different countries and has culture, through this share house life, we became like a family. I felt comfort since there was always someone who said bye-bye or welcome back to me when I went back to and went out home like siblings. I really loved that moment like eating, watching something, cleaning, going to Acopia together or someone talking about my fault, trouble, daily happy things and celebrating house mate birth day!!!

Because of these moments, I overcame hard time attacked to me and am missing Acopia internship life now. Also,these sharing days bring us great multicultural experiences and memories.

Finally, I really appreciate the people in Acopia giving me great experience which will help my future a lot and hope to see you guys somewhere in the world again!!!