Kumamoto Furusato Cultural Experience

At ACOPIA, we believe in the free exchange of ideas and are holding various programs to promote Korean culture and Japanese culture internationally, and to improve Korea-Japan relations.
May it be through internships, volunteering programs, K-POP-related programs or language programs, we are serving the cause of unifying peoples through culture.

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Study with Japanese volunteers and discover the Japanese culture together.
Improve your Japanese skills while living in Japan!

This program is hosted in the Prefectural University of Kumamoto and held by the “Kumamoto City International center”, and the “Korea-Japan Society and Culture Forum”.


During the Kumamoto Furusato Cultural Experience program, you will get both Japanese lessons and Kumamoto city guided visits. Japanese language lessons are held every day of the week during 3 hours (there might be some lessons held on Saturday or Sunday for special occasions)

Kumamoto's 1:1 training is not just an ordinary language training. One ambitious Japanese volunteer from Kumamoto city will not only be your teacher but also guide you through your full program and help you experience Japanese culture and tradition. Not only they will be your guide, but they will also be a friend you will never forget.

You will remember warm and friendly Kumamoto as your "second hometown".

How long?

The Kumamoto Furusato Program is a one-month program.

Application deadlines are on the 10th of the previous month. (If you want to join in January, complete application by the 10th of December.)


The program starts at 10am on the second day of every month.


In beautiful Kumamoto, the cleanest region in Japan with the cleanest water. Kumamoto has been designated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage.


image from https://kumamoto-guide.jp/en/


Classes will be held in Kumamoto Prefectural University’s seminar room. (See images below)


Japanese proficiency : JLPT N4

No VISA needed


Students will stay in the Kaida residence from the first day of the month to the last day of the same month.
* If you wish, you can stay in the dorm after the end of your program for up to two more months. (3 months in total)
You can set the duration of your stay on the application of the program in the form at the bottom of the page. (Note that the accommodation needs to be paid before your departure to Japan.) 

Kaida Residence

  • Single room: 1,100 USD per month

  • Double room: 800 USD per month

  • 2 to 3 people living in a hotel-style weekly mansion in the city center (room(s) + kitchen).

  • Bed, quilt, fridge, air-conditioner, washing machine, rice cooker, microwave, furniture, electric appliances.

  • High quality mansion in the heart of Kumamoto city (O-toroku system, bed sheet is changed every week).

  • Wired internet and wireless Wi-Fi are available.

  • From hotel to Kumamoto center → 1 minute walk - From hotel to central post office → 3 minute walk.

  • From hotel to civic center → 3 minutes on foot → From hotel to Kumamoto Castle → 5 minutes on foot.

  • From hotel to Kumamoto Prefectural University  → 30min by bus (400yen)

information about participation:

2 participants per month

  • Participation fee: Free!

  • Administrative fee: 5000¥ (45 USD). To be handed over in cash directly to the Kumamoto City International Center.


Name *
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Desired date to enter accommodation *
Desired date to enter accommodation
Desired date to leave accommodation *
Desired date to leave accommodation
I have a Japanese proficiency equivalent to at leat JLPT N4 *
I understand and agree that I have to pay the full rent for my whole stay in the Kaida residence at least 2 weeks prior to the start of my program *
If you fail to pay your rent before this deadline, your application will be dismissed.