Ju Hyun

Hi! My name is Ju Hyun Park, and I am a student at Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, a Korean high school. I applied to this internship because I wanted to experience new things and meet new people during my winter vacation. Also, I wanted to get a firsthand experience with NGO work.

During my work experience, the main task was to promote the new ACOPIA café and other
programs of Asia Hope Camp Organization. I made advertisement with other interns and put
it up on various places, such as Instagram, Facebook and Naver Cafés. Fortunately, the
advertisement worked out and people started to visit. At first, I was afraid of talking with
complete strangers, but actually, I enjoyed it. As a Korean, I was also involved in helping the
Japanese staffs in writing Korean documents and some translation works.


Through this 4-week internship, I learned so many things, including communication and
working skills. However, the most unforgettable part is the people I met here. Being the
youngest in the office, I was very shy and did not know what to do at first. Also, this was my
first time working and living alone. Thanks to the super nice, supportive and fun people at
ACOPIA, I could overcome the challenges I faced and get along well with them. One month
might be a very short time, but I feel I personally grew a lot through this special January I
spent at ACOPIA.